Meet the Parents

Watson is an AKC registered chocolate standard poodle. He loves to cuddle and wants to always be touching someone whether its leaning against them, laying his head on them or sitting on my feet when I am trying to cook dinner.

Watson is super smart and really enjoys the outdoors including the water. He loves to go swimming or play in the creek. He is constantly teasing us with sticks wanting to play chase. When he gets tired, he wants to come inside and snuggle for a nap.

Many of his family members have been trained and used as service dogs.

Georgia and Molly are first generation Labradoodles. This means their father is 100% standard poodle and their mother is 100% Labrador Retriever. Though they are groomed, brushed and bathed on a regular basis, they seldom look like it because well, they are dogs and they love doing doggy things like playing chase, exploring the woods on our mini farm or playing in the creek. And if we aren’t watching, they may just try to chase a deer. (They don’t seem to care that they cant catch it.)

These two girls are very lovable and we know their babies will be too! Their puppies will have more poodle in them, which means they will be a bit more curly and more hypoallergenic with little to no shedding.