I Placed a Deposit, Now What?

Congratulations! You are so close to being a new puppy parent! This page will give you some great information on what to expect from us as well as how to care for your new puppy.

What To Expect From Us

We will post bi-weekly photos of our puppies on this site as well as on our Facebook page. Make sure you “Like” our Facebook page so you can get updated pics and information.

At 6 weeks of age, you will get to choose your puppy. Puppy picks are made in the order deposits are received. Our puppies are born and raised in our home and for the health and safety of our dogs and for the safety and privacy of our family, we only allow visits from individuals who have placed a deposit and are serious about purchasing a puppy. If you are not available to choose your puppy in person, we will allow you to choose your puppy via FaceTime or other live video based call. We will also provide pictures and videos and will assist you in choosing the perfect puppy for you according to your individual lifestyle as puppies have different personalities much like people, but you will always have the final choice on your forever friend.

Once your puppy is chosen, we will be sure to send weekly pictures and videos so you can watch how your puppy is growing.

Our puppies are dewormed regularly until they go to their new homes. They are also examined by a vet between 6-7 weeks of age and given their first set of vaccinations. You will need to schedule a well check with your vet within 72 hrs of receiving your puppy and send us a copy of the visit. This can be as simple as a phone snapshot of the record. Without this, the health contract will be void. We want your vet to certify that you have received a healthy puppy. They will also schedule you for any future check ups and vaccinations.

What You Will Need

Puppy Care and Training

Labradoodles need to be brushed/combed at least 3x a week especially when hair is kept long. The wire slicker brush I recommend is here. Wire brushes can be a bit sharp against this skin, but this one is more gentle and works well. I recommend this comb as well. I suggest you have them clipped in the summer as they can get very hot and can overheat easily. I clip my dogs myself and learned by watching YouTube videos. This is a more budget friendly option should you choose to not use a professional groomer. I recommend giving their face and legs extra attention as some dogs seem to be a little more sensitive in these places. This will make them comfortable with their legs and faces being brushed and make things a lot easier and less stressful when its time for a trip to the groomer. Their first grooming trip should be around 16-18 weeks of age after they have had their 3rd set of vaccinations. Even if they just need a bath and a trim, it will set them up for future successful trips to the groomer.

I recommend crate training as a great way to potty train your dog. There is a great book called “Lucky Dog Lessons” that you can find here and has a wonderful crate training schedule and is the one I have used to train my own dogs. You can also find some info on crate training online here. Always remember that you never want to use your crate as a punishment. Crates should be comfortable, include a few toys and be your puppy’s “safe place”. I always give my pups a treat when placing them in their crate as well. A great option is a Kong toy w peanut butter or other treats inside. You can find those here. Make sure you purchase larger kong toys as your puppy grows to prevent choking. And again, I discourage the use of toys with squeakers inside or any other small parts that can cause choking.

I really like these doggie diapers to help with potty training. I have used them in the past to train my own dogs and only use them when the puppy is running around the house and after they have gone potty outside. Its just a little extra protection for your floors in case there is an accident.

Some of our customers prefer to use an indoor puppy playpen to keep their puppy in during the day when they are not home. This can be an option that will give the puppy a bit more wiggle room. They put the crate inside the play pen along with toys, water, food and puppy pads.

Here are a few images from the internet to give you some ideas of how to use an indoor puppy pen.

It is very important to NEVER leave your puppy unattended. This is when they get into the most trouble and can even do something that will cause harm to themselves. If you are not available to watch your puppy, put them in a room with a baby gate such as a bathroom (with everything they can get to put up) along with toys, water, food, etc. Or place them in their crate or playpen.

Puppies will be ready to go to your new home when they are 8 weeks of age. We will schedule a pick up or delivery day ahead of time. Payment is expected at this time. If you are paying PayPal, it must be paid no later than 24 hrs. before receiving the puppy or you can choose to pay cash upon pick up/delivery.

Going Home

Puppies will go home with vet forms and vaccination records, a 1 week supply of puppy food and a blanket with their littermate’s scent on it.

Be sure to bring a crate if you don’t plan to hold the puppy in the car, as well as a leash and collar and a couple towels just in case your puppy has an accident on the way home. If you have a commute longer than 1 hour, you should also bring a bottle of water and water bowl to refresh your puppy when stopping for potty breaks.

I would not suggest giving the puppy food during the car trip (unless you are traveling a long distance) as some puppies get car sick.

Here are just a couple more links that I suggest for puppy training information. They have great tutorials that you will want to refer to over and over again.

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And remember we will be available to answer any questions you have along the way!