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Welcome to Peppercorn Farm Labradoodles. We produce high quality F1b Labradoodles.  Be sure to check out our “Available Puppies” page and let us know if you have any questions about our precious babies.

Have I mentioned we love doodles?

We are a doodle and poodle loving family in the beautiful panhandle area of West Virginia, just outside of Winchester, Virginia. We live on a mini farm of 6 1/2 acres where our dogs love to play and explore. Our dogs enjoy the outdoors, but spend a lot of time indoors since they love to be near the family.

We are not a kennel or a puppy mill. Our puppies are born and raised in our home and receive a lot of love and affection. All of our puppies are pre-snuggled and pre-spoiled.

Our daughter Trinity getting morning puppy snuggles.

We have two first generation labradoodle females and one male AKC standard poodle. These dogs are our pets and our family companions and their health and happiness are our top priorities. We only breed our females once a year which gives their bodies time to recover from whelping and be ready for another healthy litter of puppies. Our adult dogs are only fed high quality dog food ensuring their health as well as the health of their babies.

Our Labradoodles

Here at Peppercorn Farm Labradoodles, we currently breed F1b (second generation labradoodles). This means they are about 75% poodle, 25% lab and 100% lovable! The mothers are first generation labradoodles with their father being 100% poodle and their mother being 100% labrador. They are then bred to our handsome sire Watson who is a 100% AKC registered standard poodle.

Our puppy’s hair textures can range from fleece to wool in texture and can be wavy or rather curly.

Second generation labradoodles have such an amazing temperament. They are sweet, loving, intelligent and laid back. Labradoodles love to please and we encourage you to begin training between the ages of 8 and 11 weeks. They quickly learn to sit, stay and walk on a leash. We begin outdoor potty training as soon as they start getting around (weather permitting) and encourage potty training by having a separate area for them to potty when inside their kennel. This helps make potty training much easier for you.

Take a look around our site and let us know if we can help you find your new labradoodle friend.

If you are new to the Labradoodle breed, here is a great webpage that has a lot of valuable information on Labradoodles.

Available Puppies

We currently do not have puppies, but will be planning a litter for the summer of 2020. Please let us know if you would like to be added to the contact list for future litters by emailing us at peppercornfarm@yahoo.com or text at 804-815-0559


SOLD – “Ariana” – Female – Parti Colors

SOLD – Marilyn – Female

SOLD – Buble – Male – Smallest Puppy


SOLD – “Hayden” AKA “Jackson” – Male – Chosen by Marlon B.

SOLD- Taylor – Female


SOLD – Post – Male


SOLD – “Willow” AKA “Beyonce” – Female – Parti Colors


SOLD – “Conrad” AKA “McGraw” – Chosen By Rodrick M. – Male

SOLD – “Theo” AKA Cash – Male


SOLD – Sinatra – Male


SOLD “Taylor II” AKA “Meghan” – Female – Chosen by Quinn W.


SOLD – Bruno – Male – Parti Colors


SOLD Elvis – Male – Parti Colors

Georgia’s Past Puppies

SOLD – Chosen By Rachel M. “Lily” – Smallest Female – Chocolate

SOLD – Chosen by Jodie H. “Daisy” – Female – Chocolate

SOLD – Chosen By Camden B. “Cooper” – Largest Male – Chocolate

SOLD – “Griffin” – Male – Chocolate – Straight hair doodle

SOLD – “Tucker” – Male – Chocolate – Straight hair doodle

SOLD – Chosen By Andrea U. “Murphy” – Male – Chocolate

SOLD – Chosen By Laura N. – “Kingston” – Male – Chocolate

SOLD – Chosen By Cydney G. – “Rosie” – Female – Chocolate

Molly’s Past Puppies

SOLD! “Joy” – Female

SOLD! “Donner” – Male – Solid Chocolate

SOLD! “Blitzen” – Male – Chocolate and White

SOLD! “Dasher” – Male – Solid Chocolate

SOLD! “Prancer” – Male – Solid Chocolate

SOLD! – Sophie – Female

SOLD! “DANCER” – MALE – Solid Chocolate


SOLD! – Cupid – Male

SOLD! “COMET” – MALE – Solid Chocolate

SOLD! – “Charlie” – Male – Solid Chocolate


Upon purchase, your puppy will be current on all shots, will have been on a regular deworming schedule and will have a verified clean bill of health by a licensed veterinarian. Your new puppy will be healthy, happy and also excited to meet you!

For your convenience, we accept cash or credit cards through PayPal. Please Note: There is a 7% charge for payments through PayPal to cover fees that they charge us for this service. We now offer a financing option as well and there is more information on that option below.

Non-Refundable Deposit: $300

Remaining balance due at 8 weeks of age: $900

Total price including deposit: $1200.00

EASY FINANCING IS NOW AVAILABLE through Community Finance LLC. Click HERE for more information and to apply.

PayPal Payment 

Take Home Puppy Bag To make the transition to your home easier, we will provide a few extra goodies.

  • A puppy packet with training information (training info will be sent via email)
  • Puppy’s health guarantee and contract
  • Copy of veterinary exam
  • One week supply of puppy food
  • Blanket with littermate’s scent on it

Meet the Parents

Watson is an AKC registered chocolate standard poodle. He loves to cuddle and wants to always be touching someone whether its leaning against them, laying his head on them or sitting on my feet when I am trying to cook dinner.

Watson is super smart and really enjoys the outdoors including the water. He loves to go swimming or play in the creek. He is constantly teasing us with sticks wanting to play chase. When he gets tired, he wants to come inside and snuggle for a nap.

Many of his family members have been trained and used as service dogs.

Georgia and Molly are first generation Labradoodles. This means their father is 100% standard poodle and their mother is 100% Labrador Retriever. Though they are groomed, brushed and bathed on a regular basis, they seldom look like it because well, they are dogs and they love doing doggy things like playing chase, exploring the woods on our mini farm or playing in the creek. And if we aren’t watching, they may just try to chase a deer. (They don’t seem to care that they cant catch it.)

These two girls are very lovable and we know their babies will be too! Their puppies will have more poodle in them, which means they will be a bit more curly and more hypoallergenic with little to no shedding.

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